Be kind to yourself…it is Christmas after all!

Christmas can be a difficult time of year when you are holding a space in your heart for a little person, but not being able to hold them in your arms. Lots of the festivities seem to centre around children. Leaving a mince pie out for Father Christmas, nursery nativities, elf on the shelf photos […]

Two week wait: take two

After weeks of medication and scans, we found ourselves anxiously waiting to drive to our clinic.  Whilst walking Crumpet in the morning, my phone rang in my pocket. My heart skipped a beat, and my stomach dropped. We were told that if we didn’t hear anything from the embryologist, this was good, and that our […]

Remember My Baby – Guest Blog

© Remember My Baby Mark Shepherd, Remember My Baby Photographer I have been a volunteer photographer with Remember My Baby for just under a year and it is without doubt the most significant work that I do. I am an architectural surveyor, not a professional photographer, but have been a serious hobbyist for about 30 […]

Alex – Bereavement Midwife

My name is Alex and I currently work as a Bereavement Midwife in a London hospital. When I speak about my job, I think friends, family and the families I care for usually wonder why it is I do what I do.  It’s true, midwifery is usually the joyous and happy side of a hospital, […]

Winnie’s Story

The worst pain on a nightmare train; I felt tortured by every hour and this was my life. It eventually dawned on me that I didn’t have a baby and life changed forever. I crawled away from my experience of loss silently until I could run away… and never look back, never remember, never talk […]

A tale of two ectopics

Firstly, I want to thank Sophie for inviting me to share a bit of my story. I have found so much compassion, strength, love and support in the online community. There is so much power that comes from sharing our stories and uniting through our challenges that I hope, my story can help someone else. […]

9pm Friday Night

On Friday night, I popped to the shops for some more milk. We get our food delivered, so going to an actual shop is a novelty. A guilty habit of mine is to walk up and down every single aisle, just to see what is on the shelves. I filled my basket with a few […]

And then there was hope

On the 5th December 2019 we had an appointment with our consultant to review our failed round of IVF. This was only our second attempt (the first resulting in our boys), and this round went catastrophically wrong from the very beginning. We ended up having 1 egg collected, which was immature and failed to fertilise. […]

Round 3…Take 2!

Our third round of IVF was cancelled on March 16th. 10 days after taking priming medication, and 2 days before I was due to start stimulation. I felt completely devastated. I had been waiting since December to start this cycle, and my desperation for a baby was at an all time high with the twin’s […]

Reflections on planning a funeral

One year since the funeral of our boys’. I wanted to write a blog post about planning a funeral for a baby. Having never organised a funeral before, we were faced with overwhelming decisions, none of which I had ever anticipated making. I’m hoping by sharing here our experiences, other couples going through something similar […]


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