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Be kind to yourself…it is Christmas after all!

Christmas can be a difficult time of year when you are holding a space in your heart for a little person, but not being able to hold them in your arms. Lots of the festivities seem to centre around children. Leaving a mince pie out for Father Christmas, nursery nativities, elf on the shelf photos […]

Two week wait: take two

After weeks of medication and scans, we found ourselves anxiously waiting to drive to our clinic.  Whilst walking Crumpet in the morning, my phone rang in my pocket. My heart skipped a beat, and my stomach dropped. We were told that if we didn’t hear anything from the embryologist, this was good, and that our […]

Remember My Baby – Guest Blog

© Remember My Baby Mark Shepherd, Remember My Baby Photographer I have been a volunteer photographer with Remember My Baby for just under a year and it is without doubt the most significant work that I do. I am an architectural surveyor, not a professional photographer, but have been a serious hobbyist for about 30 […]